ShantiNiketan Food Club

ShantiNiketan Food Club Inc (FC), is a non-profit organization formed in Florida to manage the food operations for the different phases of ShantiNiketan in Tavares, FL.

FC is run by a Board of Directors consisting of a few residents and the ShantiNiketan Developers. An FC committee is formed with representatives of the various phases who will coordinate all food issues within their association and bring it to the FC committee and collectively resolve it.

Annually a survey is conducted to get the feedback from the residents as to what items they like. Based on this a 28-day menu is drawn up by the FC committee and this menu is repeated throughout the year. Caution is exercised that all major regional foods are representative proportionately.

An FC Manager is there to coordinate all inventories and purchase of all groceries needed every week. The ManagerĀ also manages the employees.

Due to increase in the costs of groceries and labor, recently the monthly costs have been increased to $300 per person per month. Daily and individual meals are also priced separately.

All members have to join the Food Club by paying non-refundable membership fees equal to two months charges.