Front of ShantiNiketan 1

ShantiNiketan’s goal is to provide quality lifestyle and homes for 55+ active adults in niche markets, especially to immigrants from the Indian sub-continent, in the U.S. and around the world. We plan on buying land and developing communities for adults 55 and older.

ShantiNiketan Florida with 174 condos was successfully developed and sold out during the worst economic and real estate market. Encouraged by this success and demand from potential buyers, we are announcing ShantiNiketan in other cities around the country. Click here for more details on how to bring a ShantiNiketan near you!

This is an age-restricted community where at least one of the residents should be above 55 years of age. Guest of any age can visit and stay with the residents. There is a maximum limit of 30 days stay per year for children below 18 years. No school facilities will be offered by the City/County to the residents of the community.

ShantiNiketan is an ideal compromise to going back to India for your retirement. We get all the facilities that we seek in India (company, food, services, etc) and at the same time, we are only 2 to 3 hours away from our children and grand children. Many residents in ShantiNiketan Florida have tried the routine of going to India every year for 4-6 months and given up the travel because of many reasons, like the tiresome journey, the anxiety of falling sick in India and worrying if they will be able to see their loved ones in time.